Simply click on the videos below and enjoy our specially created content for the 10th & 11th Annual Crookwell Potato Festivals

Crookwell Lamingtons by Community Men’s Shed

Sopa de Mani by Juanita Anderson

Papa a la Huancaina by Mandy McDonald

Potato, Bacon & Corn Chowder by Bronwyn Haynes

Causa de Atun by Pam & Sue Kelly

Korean Pancakes by Stephen Carroll

Tortilla de Papas by Joyce Edwards

Mrs Oh’s Korean Soup by Stephen Carroll

Tartiflette by Lyn Hayes

Skordalia by Kelly Allright

Potato Pockets by Jesse Faulkner

Malaysian Potato Curry by Marguerite Luntungan

Mashed Potatoes by Eric Cope

Idaho Potato Cake by Mandy McDonald

Brunede Kartofler by Brian Faulkner

Gnocchi with Mushroom & Sage Sauce by Pam & Sue Kelly

Recipe links in the video

Chinese Spicy & Sour Potato Stir Fry by Elizabeth Brown